Real Estate

The purchase and sale of a home is one of the most significant transactions that most people make. From the initial preparation of a contract, through the closing of the title, the transaction is filled with potential pitfalls for the unwary and unguided. There are many risks associated with these transactions that can be well managed by the utilization of one of our experienced real estate attorneys.

Buyer side representation / Seller Side Representation

The purchase of a new home can be an exciting process. It is also typically the single largest investment that most people make. The best time to review the process with legal counsel is before the agreement of sale is binding. You should contact an attorney prior to signing the contract so that you can understand key elements which are significant to you which include possible contingencies, rights to review title reports and inspect of the property. The excitement of the purchase should always be tempered with the sound judgment and advice of legal counsel to protect your best interests.

Our areas of expertise include:

- All Aspects of Real Estate and Real Estate Development
- Real Estate, Commercial, and Industrial Financing
- Affordable, Subsidized, and Low-Income Housing
- Development of Retirement Communities
- Advice to Condominium and Homeowner Associations
- Tax Increment Financing Districts (TIFs)
- Tax-Free Exchanges
- Conservation Easements
- Zoning and Land Use
- Environmental Issues
- Title Insurance
- Boundary Disputes
- Leasing
- Landlord/Tenant Issues
- Foreclosures

Below, please find a list of services that our expert real estate attorneys provide to our clients:

-Review the agreement of sale with you to explain any terms that you are not familiar with
-Prepare an addendum to the agreement of sale to protect your interests and your goals in the transaction
-Title Report and Survey
-Order and review to ensure quality of title and ownership
-Review the description, location and legal ownership of the property
-Assist with the coordination of closing dates and contract obligations including advising about:
-Home inspection
-Termite report
-Radon inspection
-Mortgage Commitment
-Home Owner’s Insurance
-Coordinate and verify all parties are ready for settlement
-Schedule the closing
-Provide good faith estimate for closing costs
-Represent and advise you at closing
-Real Estate Agent Services
-Assist your Buyers or Sellers as mentioned above
-Preparation of commercial property agreements
-Preparation of conveyance documents on behalf of sellers
-Deed preparation
-Power of Attorney
-Landlord & Tenant Representation
-Draft residential and commercial agreements to lease property
-Consult and advise about existing leases
-Prepare and file eviction actions in the appropriate court system